Box, Casement and Sash Windows

Anthony Ashtons specialise in all aspects of window manufacturing including box sash, casement and storm proof. We select the most appropriate material for each project we manufacture.

We do this to ensure that the windows we produce combine beauty with longevity. We are happy to manufacture any windows from the smallest single window all the way up to large scale projects.

Each window we make is manufactured in our workshop in Essex.We are also able to provide the option of supplying the necessary ironmongery if it is required.

For all of our windows we offer both a supply only and a fitting service.

We provide a repair service for timber windows, such as replacements Sashes, sash weights, Pulley wheels, Sash Cord, Casement and Storm proof inserts.

A sash window is made of one or more movable panels or "sashes" that form a frame to hold panes of glass.

A casement window is hinged and runs flush to the frame.

Storm proof windows are hinged and slightly protrude from the frame